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Stockdogology, LLC


    In August of 2022 I started offering full time Stockdog training. I have spent years working with multiple breeds, learning from other handlers/trainers, and attending stock dog trials. I have trained several working trial champions and obtained multiple titles on our personal dogs. However my primary focus has been on using dogs for real life farm work and they work daily helping us manage our livestock. Most people understand how they want their livestock to be worked but they do not understand how to communicate with their dogs in order to make it happen. Usually clients come to me with various issues of the dogs just chasing after livestock or not paying attention to what their owners are saying. We focus on moving livestock appropriately with basic farm work (not running and chasing) and skills first. Over time if you wish to trial we can assist with that training also.

 Board and Train:

We understand that some people do not have the time that it takes to train a stock dog to work livestock. we are offering training month to month basis and some people just do not have the time to devote to training consistently and need additional time/help. She can train for trialing or train for everyday farm use (or both!) contact Allison (270-774-2880) or to set up a month to bring your dog (s). Please note that if you have not ever worked with stock dogs then you will also need to catch up on learning how to continue on with the dogs training. No dog will be 100% trained after one or two months of training. It takes time and a LOT of working miles to get a seasoned well trained dog. 

        Price for board and train is $800 per month, each dog is different on the amount of time it is required to achieve certain goals, unless she has met your dog and trained with your dog it would be very difficult to give an exact time frame.

After One month I expect the dogs to be able to go a short distance and gather livestock. to know flank commands, drive livestock a short distance, have a good stand/stop, and recall. Some dogs can be well started in a month, some take several months depending on how much drive they have and their ability to handle pressure. I will begin offering trialing options for those who wish to earn titles at trials for an additional cost.
Please bring your dog's food, vaccination records (or send via e-mail), and any medications you wish to be administered.

Book Board and Train (print & mail contract/deposit) 




Herding Lessons: We do private lessons on ducks, sheep, and/or cattle.
Herding lessons with instruction are $50 for 1 hour session for dogs/pups 6 months and older per dog.

Instinct testing is available for $35 for 1/2 hour for pups 6 months and younger per dog.

If you want to train your dog on new stock/new surroundings with no instruction the price is $25 an hour per dog (per stock-cattle/sheep/ducks). **Animal safety is first priority and you
must be experienced**

*Dogs/pups must be UTD on vaccinations.
*It helps if they know basic commands (recall, down, stop in place, and stay) as that will make the lesson more progressive. Otherwise we spend part of your lesson teaching those commands.
*Lessons are scheduled Monday through Friday’s by appointment only.

​Call or Text 270-774-2880 to schedule a time or click below.


Stockdog Training with Allison Lutterman

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