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Stockdog Training Video Series

Updated: Jan 19

I receive a lot of inquiries to start stockdogs. I simply cannot keep up with the demand from those looking to get started so I am going to create a few videos for those who want to get started. I will be adding videos to this periodically. There are a lot of YouTube videos with border collies but the biggest issue is finding someone who works with loose eyed breeds. You will have to subscribe in order to view the video series listed below and I am updating periodically. Subscription is valid for 6 months at this time.

PLEASE NOTE that this is just an overview on how I work different dogs given the situation. Some dogs are more talented in other areas than some. You have to work with the dog you have. I chose random dogs for training not something that was super talented straight from birth. Most of these dogs are not my own dogs nor are they border collies who naturally start off as rockstars but have a few pressure sensitive issues along the way. I purposely used dogs that a lot of people will have so that it will show you how to teach the basics to just about any dog.

Exposing a herding dog to stock:

First intro to stock and how to build drive:

Teaching the stop: coming soon

Starting flank commands: coming soon

Teaching Pen work:

Teaching how to lengthen fetch:

Showing what Inside Flanks are

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