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WTCH Grizzly Bear of DreamWinds OFTDm DNA-VP

  • Red Merle Male with white

  • 20"

  • 45lbs

  • Reg. AKC/ ASCA

  • Tail: docked

  • Eyes: Brown

  • OFA: Eyes: cleared 2017

  • D.O.B. November 13, 2015

  • OFA: hips: excellent

  • OFA: elbows: normal

  • Full dentition/Scissor bite

  • HSF4/HC: carrier (original test: Orivet, retest: Pawprints)

  • MDR1: clear/normal

  • HUU: clear/normal

  • CMR1: clear/normal

  • DM: clear/normal

  • CEA/CH: clear/normal

  • CD: clear/normal

  • pra-PRCD-clear/normal


Blayde is a dark red merle male from Kidd's Aussies in Idaho, half brother to Razr and has the drive of always being ready and willing to work that can only be found in the best bred working dogs.  He is very biddable and picked up commands quickly. He started working around 16 weeks old. He uses his eye to ask for the stock to move and then he follows up with a hard bite if they don't move off pressure. He prefers the head. He is a fairly quiet worker but will warn with a bark if they don't move off but will bite with intent if he feels they need it.

Click here to watch Blayde pull the calves off pond when they decided they didn’t want to be worked.

Click here to watch Blayde work calves

Grizzly Bear of DreamWinds pedigree
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