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About Us

Who We Are

We are a small farm based in South Central Kentucky. We raise quality Tennessee Walking Horses, Working Australian Shepherds, and a variety of farm animals. We acquired our first Walking Horse in 1991. We now stand an amazing stallion and own some really nice mares. All have wonderful temperaments, natural gaits, and great conformation. We have focused our breeding program on sane, people friendly horses that excel in versatility.

We started out with our first Australian Shepherd about the same time as our first Walking Horse. Their intelligence and loyalty captured our hearts and since then we have dedicated our farm to preserving the original Australian Shepherd that still works livestock, hangs out with the family, and is unusually marked. All of our Aussies have natural herding instincts and extremely intelligent. First and foremost in the breed standard is the ability to work livestock. We are extremely particular about what we use in our breeding program

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