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Australian Shepherd Litters

AKC/ASCA registered


1 Male puppy left availabe


Born June 10 2022

He is showing a lot of interest in working sheep, he is on the timid side so will need a softer handler or pet home. He will get braver with age but only with the right handler/approach. 


Litters due in February:


Please Read before inquiring about a puppy!

The below litters are tentatively planned unless there is a set due date beside the names; for over the next year (2022-2023).

Breedings will be based upon the amount of deposits we receive ahead of time as to if/when breeding occurs. No deposits=No breeding (We only plan for pups that will be of use and not just another pretty dog). We do not maintain a wait list without a deposit.

Please contact us for your future working/performance dog. Pups will be placed in pet/breeding homes on a VERY limited pre-approved basis. You MUST provide mental/physical exercise for these dogs. They are not for a sedentary lifestyle.

We will ask more questions to determine the best litter/pup for your situation.

​Once you are approved Deposits are accepted to hold your Pick spot. They roll over from litter to litter if you do not find a pup that suits you.
Contact us by email, text, or Phone call.
We do not place puppies based upon Eye color as eye color can change with age and also the dog that suits your needs may not have the eye color that you want.  We do take into consideration coat color as that rarely changes much with age.

NO deposits will be accepted for a specific litter as the breeding may not occur in a set time frame and we do not want to promise a breeding will happen.

  • Blayde X Onyx- AKC/ASCA all colors due 2/2/23

  • Blayde x Cayenne- AKC/ASCA Red/Red Merles due 2/5/23


  • Thor x Belle - late 2023 (last litter for Belle)

  • Blayde X Karma- late 2023 (last litter for Karma)


  • Puppy Prices $1000 - 1500

Puppy Inquiry 
Specific Color

Thanks for Inquiring!

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