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Australian Shepherd Litters

DreamWinds is dedicated to the preservation of the versatile Australian Shepherd. For over 20 years we have been committed to breeding and raising high-quality puppies, suitable for working livestock, performance, and companion purposes. Our passion for the breed is unmatched and our commitment to its preservation is unwavering.We are devoted to the health and happiness of our beloved Australian Shepherds, and we strive to ensure that each and every one of our puppies is raised in a loving and caring environment. If you are looking for the perfect four-legged companion, DreamWinds is the perfect place to start.

Please Read before inquiring about a puppy!

Listed below are Australian Shepherd litters that are tentatively planned unless there is a set due date beside the names; for over the next year (2024-2025). 

Please contact us for your future working/performance stockdog. Pups will be placed in pet/breeding homes on a VERY limited pre-approved basis. You MUST provide mental/physical exercise for these dogs. They are not for a sedentary lifestyle.

We will ask more questions to determine the best litter/pup for your situation.

Puppies bought from us will be given discounted rates on board and train.

Contact us by email, text, or Phone call.
We do not place puppies based upon Eye color.

Deposits are no longer being accepted until puppies arrive as we may change our plans.

  • Thor X Phoenix (Pending she passes all of her health clearances)-Fall/Winter 2024

  • Thor X Raja (Pending she passes her health clearances- Spring 2025

  • Puppy Prices: $1000-1800

Unfortunately Spook did not take to Wade and the cross will not be repeated due to distance. No litters planned until late Fall/winter

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