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Thor is a linebred grandson of Certik (whom at one time was the most titled Australian Shepherd in the world) He is incredibly intelligent and learns almost everything in just a few moments and retains it. He has a super sweet accepting personality even to strange people but he is a one owner type dog and doesn't listen to anyone that is not "his" person. He has exceeded all of our expectations from the time he was 4 months of age.  He is very biddable and reads body language very well, he tries to please and do things before asked. He will heel or head but prefers the head. He is our first WTCH (working trial champion) and achieved it at 2.5 years of age. He has always made you feel like anything was possible from trialing to agility. He has a natural inclination to take agility obstacles and take jumps.
His only fault is that he can be jealous of other males in our kennel. He doesn't fight with them but he tries to intervene if they come for attention.

Video of Thor working Livestock

Nighthawk of DreamWinds Pedigree
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