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WTCH Red Wolf of DreamWinds OFTDc RTDc DNA-VP


​Razr has a super sweet personality. He is very biddable to his family and LOVES kids. He started working at a young age and earned his WTCH at 2. He will work anything that moves and puts drive in females with little to no drive to work. Razr is a one of a kind dog, Very tough on cattle and easy on ducks. He is not only a great trial dog but is essential on the farm. He will work cow/calf pairs and we
use him to round up rogue calves. He never quits and will work anything you point him at.
Razr on sheep at 4 yrs and gathering ducks off a pond
Razr working calves 

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 9.08_edited.jpg
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