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DreamWinds GhostHawk STDdcs JS-N CLS-1 ACT1 ACT1-J

  • Blue merle, white, and copper

  • 19"

  • 40 lbs

  • Reg. AKC/ASCA

  • Tail: NBT

  • Eyes: Brown

  • OFA: Eyes: TBD

  • D.O.B. 07/31/2019

  • OFA: Hips: Good

  • OFA: Elbows: TBD

  • Full dentition/Scissor bite

  • MDR-1: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • CEA/CH: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • HSF-4/HC: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • DM: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • pra-PRCD: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • CMR1: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • HUU: Normal/Clear by parentage

  • CD: Normal/Clear by parentage


Spook is a Thor X Vixn daughter. She started from a young age finding creative ways to escape from her run so that she could come find us and not spend time with the other pups. As she progressed in age I saw a lot of Thor shining through. She will head or heel on cattle, she has a natural inclination for jumping and obstacles in agility very similar to Thor. In 2023 we attended our first ever ASCA Nationals and competed in MVA which she qualified for in Open ducks, open sheep, and regular agility. She is biddable and intelligent. She only had a couple weeks of agility refresher before heading to compete in MVA. 

Screenshot 2022-12-20 at 7.59.28 PM.png
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